Why Lions will lose

A Kiwi rugby writer has provided five reasons why the Lions won't win the Super Rugby final against the Hurricanes.

In an article for stuff.co.nz, Duncan Johnstone says travel, weather, experience, pizzazz and defence will all contribute to a first title for the Canes.

'The travel factor can't be underestimated,' he writes. 'Coming halfway across the world at short notice for one match is a major handicap.

'The Hurricanes players have been snuggled up in their own beds while the Lions have trekked across the Indian Ocean, Australia and on to the farthest shores of the Tasman Sea.'

Johnstone says the Lions will also struggle to deal with the predicted rain and cold in the final, while the Hurricanes will benefit from the experience of having played in last year's final, which they lost to the Highlanders.

The Kiwi rugby writer believes the Lions won't be able to match the Hurricanes' running game, and that the Canes' defence (it's been three hours and 41 minutes since they last conceded a try) will frustrate the visitors' attack and force counter-attacking opportunities.

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