‘Yes, nine’ call axed

The IRB has ditched the 'yes, nine' scrum call in favour of a non-verbal, pre-agreed instruction.

This change will take place with immediate effect at all levels of the game worldwide.

Referees will no longer give a verbal instruction of 'yes, nine', and instead will issue a non-verbal instruction to the scrumhalf when he/she considers the scrum to be square and stable.

The non-verbal instruction must be agreed by the referee and both scrumhalves prior to the start of the game and could be in the form of a tap on the back while the referee is on the side of the put-in, or an agreed signal (nod of the head or hand signal) by the referee while he is on the opposite side of the scrum.

Referees must continue to insist on a stable and square scrum prior to instructing the scrumhalf to put the ball into the scrum. Scrumhalves who put the ball in prior to the command by the referee, will still be liable to being penalised.

Photo: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP Photo

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Simon Borchardt