How to play fantasy rugby

Playing fantasy league can often seem daunting, but we’ve put together a handy guide to help you get started on becoming the ultimate manager.

Selecting your team  You must select a full team of 15 starting players with 7 players on the substitutes bench. Selecting your captain and vice-captain is important, as their points are doubled if they score. The selection of your kicker is vital too – make sure you pick the right man for the job. Your substitutes score half points.

Managing your team   playing fantasy league requires a bit of consideration to who’s in form and who’s not. You are allocated 85 transfers for the whole tournament (six for round robin stages, eight before qualifiers, eight before semi-finals and 14 before the final). You have to make your changes and lock in your team one hour before the start of the first match in each round.

Managing your budget  you have a virtual budget of $200 million to select your fantasy team which includes your starting 15 and 7 players on the bench. Player values will fluctuate during the course of the tournament with values increasing or decreasing based on their round by round performance and popularity.

Prizes  while the main prize is winning a trip to Argentina to watch the Boks, there are also weekly prizes available, so you don’t have to be the ultimate champion to come out as a winner.

There are more details on the scoring system and transfers in the full How to Play guide.