RFU suit slammed for sexism

John Spencer, the man next in line to be RFU president, has come in for criticism after making a sexist remark about Princess Charlene of Monaco.

The Daily Mail reports that Princess Charlene, the former Olympic swimmer for South Africa and wife of Monaco's ruling Prince Albert, was a guest of the RFU ahead of the match between England and the Springboks. Together with Prince Harry, she had lunch with president Peter Baines in his suite while vice-president Spencer adressed around 260 people in the Spirit of Rugby function room.

Spencer, who is expected to be team manager on the Lions tour of New Zealand, said the glamorous Princess Charlene was in the building without Prince Albert. According to the Mail, Spencer blundered on, and said it was an ideal opportunity for anyone in the room who 'fancied their chances' with her.

Some in England have subsequently questioned his suitability for the RFU presidency or the manager position with the Lions.

'John did not mean to cause offence and he has apologised for any offence his comments caused,' a RFU spokeswoman told the Mail.

Photo: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

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