Sharks want more attacking flair

New Zealander Brad Mooar will help the Sharks with their attack over the next two weeks.

This is in line with director of rugby Gary Gold’s desire to play exciting, attacking rugby.

Moar is the head coach of the Southland Stags in New Zealand and was previously the EP Kings backs and attack coach.

'In South Africa, we have a lot of organisation and structure in our rugby, but we do lack natural ability and the kind of flair we associate with New Zealand teams,' technical assistant Brendan Venter told the Sharks website. 

'We invited attack specialist Brad Mooar over from New Zealand [along with his wife Anna] to spend two weeks with us here at the Sharks having assessed our attack and the attacking play in general in South Africa. We believe we lack the attacking flair that is prevalent in New Zealand.

'Having had a conversation with a number of New Zealanders around the issue of attacking rugby, they are very keen to impart their knowledge to other teams and countries. They believe that it is not what you do but how you do it that determines how successful you are going to be.'

Pre-season training for the 2015 edition of Super Rugby commenced on Monday. The Sharks players with the Springboks on their end-of-year tour will return to Durban after the Wales Test and spend the next week with their teammates.

Photo: Hagden Hopins/Getty Images

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