‘Would you hit it?’

Kurtley Beale's text messages to former Wallabies business manager Di Patston, who resigned on Friday due to stress, have been revealed.

The string of texts between Beale and Patston, now the subject of an independent code of conduct hearing to determine Beale's future in rugby, were published in Sydney's Daily Telegraph on Monday.

According to the Telegraph, Beale sent photographs of nude, overweight women accompanied by the words 'Would you hit it?' and 'Di', and 'Di who wants a go f***ing this?'.

Patston: I am sitting here in the team room doing my job and I can't stop crying. What did I do to you? You have barely known me a day. I can't stop crying I am so humiliated by this. Don't you think my job is hard enough without this? This is how the only female staff member is treated? I am so embarrassed by this I am leaving for my room I can't stop crying thanks a lot.

Beale: I was layin on my bed I didn't send it to anyone I sent it to myself. Youve done nothing wrong youve been so good to me & your such a lovely lady. We all see how hard you work for us. I just do stupid things for no reason. I was laying here getting ready for lunch & training mucking around. I hate I have done this to you & I am so sorry di.

Patston: Leave me alone please. I've come to my room. The team room is full of players I know you've sent it on to them but I'll never know to who. Just leave me alone this is not ok. Do you realise the situation you've put me in? I have earned this job and I am proud of being a female at this level. If I complain then I make it hard for women in Rugby and it puts the reputation of the entire squad at stake. Do you realise the situation I am? Just leave me alone please. I don't want to hear from you until my distress has settled.

Beale: Ok I feel so bad.

Patston: You may feel bad but if you did not accidentally send them to me how many more would there be? Are you sorry you did it or just sorry you got caught? Think about that.

Beale: I just don't know what to do. I'm so sorry.

Patston: Glad we got the chance to catch up and talk it through. I wanted you to look me in the eyes and realise I am a person — a mum, wife and daughter (all those things we discussed) and how they would feel seeing what you sent me. I'll never know who you sent them to or why; but everyone deserves a chance. You were clearly upset and showed remorse which I am for. I hope you can move on from this with a greater respect for treating people the right way. As I said, I won't be telling Ewen, or the ARU as you are entitled to one mistake and be a better person for it. I hope this is your moment and you gain a greater respect for the people here doing a job for you and the rest of the team. Let's move on from this and start anew. No need to talk about it any further. Di.

Beale: I can't believe your not going to tell Ewen or the ARU this means so much to me & I have learned my lesson I promise you. You have been very kind to me di and I'll never do anything like this again. Seeing you so upset hurt me I couldn't deal with it. You have my respect & deserve better you do so much for us & work so hard. Wish I could take it back. Thankyou di.

Beale has been stood down, pending the outcome of the investigation.

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